I’m making the mistakes so you don’t have to!

Every writer has a story, and every story has to start at the beginning. With so many things to consider as a Newbie: structure, craft, publishing, and marketing (just to name a few), I’m here to give you insights, encouragement, and resources to help your writing journey, while also giving you a glimmer of mine!

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Preptober Week Two: Characters

Welcome to the second week of Preptober! This week, I’m focusing on developing my characters. Believable characters are unique and three-dimensional, but there’s a lot to consider. 

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Preptober Week One: Concept and Outlining

Happy week 1 of Prep-tober! Throughout this month, I’ll have a theme for each week to help you prep for NaNoWrimo. Week One kicks off with concept and outlining.

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Why Show Vs. Tell is So Important: With Guest Author Melissa Frey

This month’s featured guest author is the lovely and talented, Melissa Frey. Not only has she indie released multiple books, with her latest release published last month, she is also a superior resource for writing craft and development.

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“I’m big enough to admit that I am often inspired by myself

Leslie Knope