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Every writer has a story, and every story has to start at the beginning. With so many things to consider as a Newbie: structure, craft, publishing, and marketing (just to name a few), I’m here to give you insights, encouragement, and resources to help your writing journey, while also giving you a glimmer of mine!

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Instagram for Writers – With Guest Author S.E. Schneider

This month’s guest article is written by my fabulous critique partner who is absolutely incredible, the lovely S.E. Schneider. She brings us her unique insights on storming the Instagram platform and taking no prisoners! 

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How to Write a Story that Stays Interesting

When thinking about our favorite books, these are usually the ones you simply cannot put down and read over again with equal levels of delight. Our favorite stories are ones that hold our interest and captivate us from start to finish.

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Writing with the Phenomenon Aphantasia – With Guest Author Sarah Wallace

Aphantasia is, essentially, an inability to visualize things. I don’t have a mind’s eye.

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“I’m big enough to admit that I am often inspired by myself

Leslie Knope