As a project-hopping author, this page can get a little chaotic! But there are a few things that are published (so… no going back now, right?)

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A Dance with Death

Free Novella! Available now

Analise has sold her heart away, and she’s knocking on Death’s door to get it back, but she’s not the only player who wants their hands on the prize of three desires.

With the cutthroat competition out for blood, Analise has one night to find the clues to beat Death and solve Death’s Puzzle.

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Forbidden Delights

A Dark Anthology

A delicious concoction of authors, decadent slices of stories, and fantasy settings as dark and delectable as death by chocolate.

This anthology is a decadent literary feast for every voracious reader.

My featured short story is titled “Dearly Departed” and is one of several mouth-watering morsels in this bite-sized anthology.

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Coming Soon(er or Later)!

The Uprising: Kingdom in Shadow

As the uprising tears through the Capital of Acadia, Princess Sanora does not have time to mourn her father’s death before fleeing. She must adjust to a life stripped of her riches and influence in exchange for her survival. 

While hiding away in a salt soaked port town, Sanora meets Xavier, a defect slave who also escaped the night of the uprising. His propensity for trouble forces them to flee once more. However, when Sanora reveals her true identity, Xavier convinces her to fight for her throne. 

Now they have the impossible task ahead of them: overthrow the tyrannical ruler and claim her birthright. In order to wage war against the false King Niren, Sanora and Xavier must discover who they can trust and how to outmaneuver the man holding all of the cards.

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Secrets of Sorcery

Magic can’t fix everything.

A notion Callista Waite is all too familiar with

Ten years have passed since she had lost her parents. Now she lives in a small town amongst her even smaller community of sorcerers. Her priority: to protect the secrets of their magic above all else. 

When her cousin, Megara, sets off to attend a magic university, Callie is left to finish her senior year without her best friend. If Callie wasn’t already dreading her return to mortal high school, her summer ends with an ominous vision. On her first day back, a new student arrives and causes an unexplained physical reaction within Callie. She wonders if he is somehow linked to her unsettling vision. Now more than ever, she fears exposing her magic to a mortal and dooming them both in the process.  

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Meet the Main Characters

Kingdom in Shadow

Before the Uprising, before the death of her father, Sanora already had her doubts about one day ruling the kingdom. Surely she would somehow disappoint all of her people and single handedly destroy the Kamadril dynasty. Now that Niren has taken the throne, she realizes there were worse things that could happen to Acadia. Without a penchant for spilling blood, Sanora wonders if the costs of waging war against Niren are worth the lives at stake. 

I don’t think I’m strong enough to watch another person be claimed by Niren’s cruelty.

Secrets of Sorcery

I’m not quite Sleeping Beauty, but you’re not quite Prince Charming either.

Seventeen-year-old sorcerer, Callie excels at blending into the background. She wants nothing more than to hit the fast forward button on her senior year and to join Megara at the Collective. Her patience for mortal drama has never been high, and when it comes to love, she never understood what the fuss was all about. 

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