I’m going on an ADVENTURE

The road from a Newbie to a Novelist –

Laura is a communications coordinator and champion of aspiring authors. Because 2020 gifted her with unprecedented free time, she decided to launch this site in between streaming episodes of Schitt’s Creek and practicing her audition tape for Nailed It. Her hopes are that this site serves as one half thoroughly researched journal and another half resource for newbie novelists.

Living in Celebration, FL, Laura can, in fact, confirm that everything they say about Florida is true.

She utterly hates writing about herself, especially in third person. Laura would much rather be brain dumping stories into a blank Word Doc. In 2020, she had written four books, all within the NA/YA fantasy genre. She can’t help but to love a spoonful of romance and a dash of magic.

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5 Fun Facts About Laura:

  1. One of her proudest achievements is winning first place in an ugly Christmas sweater contest.
  2. She once visited a college only to get a free carrot cake.
  3. After studying in Pittsburgh, she believes that all salads are immediately improved by adding french fries.
  4. Has traveled internationally with the sole purpose of going to theme parks.
  5. She has opened for Niall Horan at the House of Blues, Orlando. (It was the night before he performed, but she’ll count it).

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