Five Reasons why Sequels are Better than Book One

I will start with this disclaimer: not all sequels are better than the original. This is especially true in the film industry.  A lot of sequels are made as a fan service and don’t receive quite the same love and care as the original content. When it comes to my love of sequels, I’m referringContinue reading “Five Reasons why Sequels are Better than Book One”

Ways that Help Me Craft Better Characters

Raise your hand if you agree that no matter how good the premise or the plot of a story is, you don’t care about it if you don’t like the characters. I’ve been told that every character should believe that they are the hero of their story. Well-developed characters will engage a reader’s interest, andContinue reading “Ways that Help Me Craft Better Characters”

Keeping Yourself on Track When No One is Holding You Accountable

Due to COVID19, I have been furloughed from my job for the past few months. Besides the financial stress of being out of work and dealing with the state’s unemployment website, my furlough brought up a lot of questions about what I really wanted out of life. If this blog is any suggestion, I decidedContinue reading “Keeping Yourself on Track When No One is Holding You Accountable”

Moving Forward After Finishing the First Draft

As a Newbie Novelist, I often hear that the biggest challenge for most new writers is seeing a project to the end. Last week, I hit a personal achievement by reaching the end of my current WIP, The Uprising: Kingdom in Shadow.  At 125,000 words, this is my longest novel written to date. Two typesContinue reading “Moving Forward After Finishing the First Draft”