Wrestling with the Self-Doubt Monster: A Five-Step Guide

This topic of self-doubt is important to me because it is one that I personally fight with on a seemingly daily basis. There is always that doubt monster tugging my gut, constricting my circulatory system, or chipping away in the back of my brain. STEP 1: Self-doubt can often lead to things like writer’s block.Continue reading “Wrestling with the Self-Doubt Monster: A Five-Step Guide”

My Top Ten Grammar Mistakes

There, Their, They’re… Grammar isn’t that hard– right? As a writer whose preference is to thought dump, write unfiltered, and just throw words onto a page–– sometimes I do so at the cost of flawless grammar. Hey, I’m only human! My favorite grammar tool in my writers tool-kit is my Grammar Girl Presents The UltimateContinue reading “My Top Ten Grammar Mistakes”

My Love-Hate Relationship with Self-Discipline

5 Ways to Create a Writing Routine: I would never wake up and say, Hmm today feels like a great day to run a marathon, let’s just go for it! Similarly, becoming a writer is as simple as one day waking up and saying, Today, I am going to write a book. I hear itContinue reading “My Love-Hate Relationship with Self-Discipline”

The Medium Mashup of the Frozen Franchise

Instead of watching Frozen 2 for the millionth time, I decided to nurse my #Frozenfever by cracking open a book. A Frozen Heart, by Elizabeth Rudnick, is a plain and simple novelization of Frozen. But it is made more interesting by having alternating POV chapters between two characters: Princess Anna (my girl) and Prince Hans…ofContinue reading “The Medium Mashup of the Frozen Franchise”