15 Holiday Tropes + More

I, personally, am trash for tropes and believe they make the world of fiction go ’round. But love ’em or hate ’em, there’s something about holiday tropes that hit a little extra. This article is dubbed “holiday” as it centers on the tropes we often see in rom-coms around the winter holidays. But I willContinue reading “15 Holiday Tropes + More”

How to use Sanderson’s Laws of Magic to Build a Better (fantasy) Story

Coincidentally, this is not in reference to the Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters, but instead is a system of three laws developed by fantasy author, Brandon Sanderson. I first heard of the Sanderson Laws of Magic while listening to the Writing Excuses podcast (which is a podcast I recommend to newbies and seasoned writers alike). AsContinue reading “How to use Sanderson’s Laws of Magic to Build a Better (fantasy) Story”

Word Choice – How Anglo-Saxon vs. Latinate origin words can impact your writing

This article is not intended to be a grammar lesson. Instead, I want this to call attention to something I found fascinating. Since researching word origins, it has educated my word choice while writing to have a stronger intention. I strongly advocate writing with intention. It’s the same way I believe you need to understandContinue reading “Word Choice – How Anglo-Saxon vs. Latinate origin words can impact your writing”

Instagram for Writers – With Guest Author S.E. Schneider

This month’s guest article is written by my fabulous critique partner who is absolutely incredible, the lovely S.E. Schneider. She brings us her unique insights on storming the Instagram platform and taking no prisoners! With close to 13k of her own followers, she knows a thing or two about being a writer on Instagram. InstagramContinue reading “Instagram for Writers – With Guest Author S.E. Schneider”

How to Write a Story that Stays Interesting

When thinking about our favorite books, these are usually the ones you simply cannot put down and read over again with equal levels of delight. Our favorite stories are ones that hold our interest and captivate us from start to finish. The middle of a story is often the hardest to keep interesting, there isContinue reading “How to Write a Story that Stays Interesting”

Writing with the Phenomenon Aphantasia – with Guest Author Sarah Wallace

We writers have vivid imaginations. If you’re someone like me, I picture so many pieces of my story in my head before I write it––characters, settings, clothing, you name it! I’m someone who has a very active mind’s eye, which is why I tend to get positive feedback on my scene-setting and visual imagery inContinue reading “Writing with the Phenomenon Aphantasia – with Guest Author Sarah Wallace”

How to Write Satisfying Enemies to Lovers

This trope is hands down one of my favorite writing tropes, probably out of all of them, but definitely out of the romance tropes. What I’ve discovered is I’m not alone in finding such enjoyment and satisfaction in watching sworn nemeses shed their differences, find common ground, and fall in love. The keyword here isContinue reading “How to Write Satisfying Enemies to Lovers”

Writing a Slow Burn Romance- With Guest Author C.A. Farran

We are continuing our February romance articles with a guest article from the lovely, C.A. Farran. She is fresh off of two releases. In January, she released her debut novel Songs of the Wicked, and just a few days ago we released the Forbidden Delights dark fantasy anthology. C.A. Farran writes such beautifully vivid andContinue reading “Writing a Slow Burn Romance- With Guest Author C.A. Farran”

How to Write an Irresistible Love Interest Readers will Swoon Over

As per my longstanding, one-year February tradition dictates, I’ll be spending this month doling out articles about love. Or more accurately, writing romance. What better way to kick off this series of articles than with our stone-cold smoldering love interest? We’re talking, leaving our hearts in a melty puddle of milk chocolate. We’re talking, sendingContinue reading “How to Write an Irresistible Love Interest Readers will Swoon Over”

How to Write a Whiteboard Scene

You might be scratching your head at this topic. We all know the scene I’m talking about. It’s most commonly found in heist stories, but it’s any scene where characters discuss the plan before setting off to do said plan. This strategy meeting sometimes involves the use of a literal whiteboard or chalkboard to writeContinue reading “How to Write a Whiteboard Scene”