So You Finished Your First Draft…Now What? With Guest Author Katrina N. Lewis

This month’s guest author shines a spotlight on the somewhat grey and ambiguous period between writing the first draft and publishing a novel. There are obviously tons of ways to navigate this mysterious, amorphic time as an author.  Just as there are several avenues open to an author to publish, but this month’s guest authorContinue reading “So You Finished Your First Draft…Now What? With Guest Author Katrina N. Lewis”

A Newbie’s Guide to Big Picture Edits

In January, I released a guide for self-editing your novel. When it comes to editing, it’s not just one mountain to climb, but several––and some smaller foothills, maybe even some off-course deep-sea exploration, just for good measure. What I’m getting at is… self-editing is a journey. To ease you on this journey, I highly recommendContinue reading “A Newbie’s Guide to Big Picture Edits”

A Newbie’s Guide to Self-Editing a Novel

This month, I wrote “the end” on the second book in The Uprising series. With beta-reader feedback returned for book 1, it’s time for me to dive back into editing. After I wrote the first book, I did a pretty quick job of my first editing pass. While I did cut 10,000 words, I stillContinue reading “A Newbie’s Guide to Self-Editing a Novel”

Killing Your Darlings

In the spirit of October, I wanted to discuss something that might be a little bit scary. And what’s scarier than murder? Killing your darlings sounds harsh, and it can hurt! Essentially, you are taking something you like in your story (whether a character, scene, concept, etc.) and removing it for the greater good. YouContinue reading “Killing Your Darlings”