Literary Agents and Where to Find Them

If you’re pursuing the traditional route of publishing, then your world will slowly revolve around query letters and literary agents. Initially, I was going to compare finding an agent to dating, using the timeless analogy that it takes a number of bad dates (rejection letters) to land on the one that’s meant to be. ButContinue reading “Literary Agents and Where to Find Them”

10 Ways to Make Writing Query Letters a Piece of Cake

Alright, deep breaths. I tell myself as I sit down to write a query letter. Writing a manuscript? Easy! Seeking beta readers? No problem! Integrating feedback from said beta readers into said manuscript? No worries at all! Writing a query letter to submit to literary agents? You’ll find me hiding under the covers. Why queryContinue reading “10 Ways to Make Writing Query Letters a Piece of Cake”