10 Ways to Make Writing Query Letters a Piece of Cake

Alright, deep breaths. I tell myself as I sit down to write a query letter. Writing a manuscript? Easy! Seeking beta readers? No problem! Integrating feedback from said beta readers into said manuscript? No worries at all! Writing a query letter to submit to literary agents? You’ll find me hiding under the covers. Why queryContinue reading “10 Ways to Make Writing Query Letters a Piece of Cake”

Plot vs Character Driven Novels

How do you identify the driving force behind your book? When writing fiction, especially genre fiction (popular/commercial fiction), it’s important to have strength in both plot AND characters. Characters make a story memorable and give readers a way in to connect at some empathetic, human level (even if characters are non-human). Plot separates a compellingContinue reading “Plot vs Character Driven Novels”

Finding Your Heart Draft: with Guest Author Emily Rooke

Based on the title of this article, you might be wondering… what the heck is a heart draft? Well, I will allow my guest author, Emily Rooke, to tell it. But before we dive into her insightful brilliance, I wanted to share my own words of encouragement. Writing a book, even if it’s just theContinue reading “Finding Your Heart Draft: with Guest Author Emily Rooke”

Where to Self-Publish: with Guest Author Tenaya MKD

I am very excited to share this guest author post, by the lovely and talented Tenaya MKD. Fresh from releasing her debut novel, New Identity, Tenaya knows a thing or two about where an indie-author can self-publish their book. Once you make the decision to self-publish, the information overload can be overwhelming, I’m so excitedContinue reading “Where to Self-Publish: with Guest Author Tenaya MKD”

A Newbie’s Guide to Big Picture Edits

In January, I released a guide for self-editing your novel. When it comes to editing, it’s not just one mountain to climb, but several––and some smaller foothills, maybe even some off-course deep-sea exploration, just for good measure. What I’m getting at is… self-editing is a journey. To ease you on this journey, I highly recommendContinue reading “A Newbie’s Guide to Big Picture Edits”

Tips for Writing Scenes that Steam & Sizzle

Romance is always a feature in my writing, because I love love in all shapes and sizes. This isn’t always physical romance, but let’s just say I’m trash for whenever things get spicy. To wrap up my romantic February, I’m talking all about love scenes. Believe it or not, writing a good love scene isn’tContinue reading “Tips for Writing Scenes that Steam & Sizzle”

Newbie to Novelist’s Top 10 Favorite Romance Tropes

Happy Valentine’s Day, and as a special bonus (in addition to releasing my free novella today) I wanted to publish some extra blog content. Enjoy my countdown of favorite romance tropes, and let me know if you agree with my list. Before we start, you might be asking… what is a trope? Tropes are plot/themeContinue reading “Newbie to Novelist’s Top 10 Favorite Romance Tropes”

5 Tips for Writing Romantic Subplots

I’m a sucker for a heart-thumping, palm-sweating romance. And regardless of what niche genre you write in, there’s often an acceptable place for a romantic subplot. Just as we love to plunge into quests and adventures, readers love to read about love because it opens a little window for the reader to feel and connectContinue reading “5 Tips for Writing Romantic Subplots”

A Newbie’s Guide to Self-Editing a Novel

This month, I wrote “the end” on the second book in The Uprising series. With beta-reader feedback returned for book 1, it’s time for me to dive back into editing. After I wrote the first book, I did a pretty quick job of my first editing pass. While I did cut 10,000 words, I stillContinue reading “A Newbie’s Guide to Self-Editing a Novel”

Creating A Book Bible: With Guest Author Megan Beth Davies

This week, I have guest author, Megan Beth Davies, to talk about one super helpful writing resource…a writing resource that’s so personalized to your story, it’s like you’ve created it yourself…because, well, you did. Megan is a fantasy writer like myself, which naturally comes with a ton of planning (and some organization required). From worldContinue reading “Creating A Book Bible: With Guest Author Megan Beth Davies”