10 Writing tips to Evoke Emotion

How to write prose that tugs at the reader’s heart strings When writing fiction, there’s a good chance that you’re hoping to get the reader to feel something: happy, sad, fearful, panicked, lustful (or, if you’re like me, all of the above). Personally, I get a weird twinge of satisfaction when someone tells me myContinue reading “10 Writing tips to Evoke Emotion”

Writing A Series: With Guest Author Skye Horn

As we approach the New Year, many of us set ourselves up by establishing goals. On nearly every resolution list for the past few years, I’ve set a goal to write a book. But once you have written one book, you might realize it has “series potential” or you might decide off the bat thatContinue reading “Writing A Series: With Guest Author Skye Horn”

How to use Motivation-Reaction Units to Enhance Your Storytelling

I recently did a whole post about scene-sequel story structure. While the concept of a scene followed by its sequel is the large-scale structure (or the building blocks) of a story, Motivation-Reaction Units (or MRUs for short) are the minuscule pieces that create those blocks.   The idea of Motivation-Reaction Units was first found inContinue reading “How to use Motivation-Reaction Units to Enhance Your Storytelling”

Beta Reading Guide: How to Get the Most from Beta Readers

Why is feedback so important? This question could be its own blog post… but receiving feedback is one of the best ways for writers to grow their writing prowess, improve their craft, and polish their stories. Sharing your work can be nerve wracking and may leave you feeling vulnerable, but like many things that seemContinue reading “Beta Reading Guide: How to Get the Most from Beta Readers”

Beta Reading Guide: How to be an Awesome Beta Reader

If you are reading this you are either… interested in beta reading and want to know what it’s all about, have committed to beta reading and want to know how to be the best little beta you can be, or are a seasoned beta reader and just looking to discover even more.  Let’s start simple…Continue reading “Beta Reading Guide: How to be an Awesome Beta Reader”

Understanding Scene-Sequel Structure

Before you roll your eyes at the prospect of me injecting a formulaic approach that imprisons your creative genius, there’s a good chance you’ve been utilizing scene-sequel structure without realizing it. While crafting a story, it’s as though you’re developing a portal to transport the reader somewhere else. Scene-Sequel structure helps create and maintain thisContinue reading “Understanding Scene-Sequel Structure”

Why I’m not Writing…

There seems to be one common struggle that all writers face (and face rather often). That struggle is reaching a point when writing where you are just stuck. In the spirit of NaNoWriMo 2020, I decided to explore what’s going on when writer’s block hits. The insufferable writer’s block is a plague upon the creativeContinue reading “Why I’m not Writing…”

#Preptober: A Reflection

National Novel Writing Month…or how all the “cool kids” say: NaNoWriMo, is soon upon us. The goal is simple, write a novel (50,000 words) during the month of November. Since there are 30 days in the month, this breaks down to an average of 1,666.7 words a day (of course a dastardly 666 numeric wouldContinue reading “#Preptober: A Reflection”

10 Tips to Bolster Your Baddie

How do you create a compelling villain? Queue my maniacal laugh! Call them what you want (villains, antagonists, rivals, or bad guys) but readers love a good baddie. In many ways the villain is nearly as important as the hero. It should go without saying that the villain should be as well developed as theContinue reading “10 Tips to Bolster Your Baddie”

Killing Your Darlings

In the spirit of October, I wanted to discuss something that might be a little bit scary. And what’s scarier than murder? Killing your darlings sounds harsh, and it can hurt! Essentially, you are taking something you like in your story (whether a character, scene, concept, etc.) and removing it for the greater good. YouContinue reading “Killing Your Darlings”