Beta Reading Guide: How to Get the Most from Beta Readers

Why is feedback so important? This question could be its own blog post… but receiving feedback is one of the best ways for writers to grow their writing prowess, improve their craft, and polish their stories. Sharing your work can be nerve wracking and may leave you feeling vulnerable, but like many things that seemContinue reading “Beta Reading Guide: How to Get the Most from Beta Readers”

Understanding Scene-Sequel Structure

Before you roll your eyes at the prospect of me injecting a formulaic approach that imprisons your creative genius, there’s a good chance you’ve been utilizing scene-sequel structure without realizing it. While crafting a story, it’s as though you’re developing a portal to transport the reader somewhere else. Scene-Sequel structure helps create and maintain thisContinue reading “Understanding Scene-Sequel Structure”

Writing: Show and Tell

I often hear that “show, don’t tell” is the number one rule to writing fiction. To which I 100% agree. Aside from having a unique and compelling story/characters, my favorite books are my favorites because of how engaging they are. I want to be pulled into the thick of the story and experience it rightContinue reading “Writing: Show and Tell”